Question about searching with boolean operators

This is probably a silly question. If so, apologies.

If I search for a tag in DTTG, it works as expected.


If I use a boolean operator, it also works as expected:

tags:audio OR tags:video

My question is, how do I use the NOT operator? I’ve tried the following, but always get 0 results.

NOT tags:audio
NOT (tags:audio)
NOT tags:audio OR tags:video
NOT (tags:audio OR tags:video)

I suspect I’m probably doing something wrong in a quite silly way.

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Welcome @Ryi

That is not supported at this time. It’s expecting strings in the search field.
I will note this as a feature request.

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Ah! I understand. Thank you very much for that, and for the quick response.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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The NOT operator only works between two terms but not as the only operator. This is defined so in the FTS5 search language. But we’re keeping a note about this so we might find a solution in the future.