Question about Sync and data loss

Hi! I’m a relatively new user of DEVONthink (little over a year). When I used to sync my databases, I haven’t experienced any sync issues. Late last year I had unstable Wi-Fi at home and therefore disabled sync of databases to DTG. Also was annoying with several internet issues in log window in DEVONthink. In addition, new Macs at M1 have reduced my use of iPad drastically and therefore I’m fine only to have my databases available on my Mac.

My question is, some users have experienced data loss. Is it caused because of sync enabled? I wonder because currently I index most of my files, but thinking rather to import them into DEVONthink since I don’t use sync anyway.

I don’t know who you mean by “some”. Have you had issues and lost data?

There was, of course, there was an issue many months and a few versions ago for a few (numbers not known by me, frankly) people which was acknowledged and dealt with by DEVONtechnologies pretty quickly. Lots of posts here in this forum for you to read.

Meantime, I direct your attention to the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook” for the sections on Indexing, Sync, and Troubleshooting. There are things, outside of DEVONthink’s control, with indexing that people should be aware of before spending a lot of time with indexing.

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