question about the new Office functionality

So I’m trying to get a handle on what exactly I can do with the new office functionality and why I should consider upgrading to it from DT Pro.

My question for today is regarding the email archive functionality. It appears to me that what it does is limited to Apple’s Mail program, so that if you don’t use Mail, you’re out of luck. Am I missing something? I can’t see the developers of this fine application making this functionality that limited.

Second, it appears that it archives everything in your email client. That, for me, would also be unacceptable.

What I’m hoping that this functionality will do is first, allow me to archive PowerMail folders. Second, and as the first item implies, I want to be able to archive at the folder level. I want to specify what I want brought into the archive. I don’t want everything, just what I specify.

So can one of the developers please clarify what the email archive functionality is? Thanks.

As a user, I can speak for the ability to specify which mailbox folders you want to import. It is very painless.

As far as I can see the integrated mail import currently supports Apple Mail, Entourage and Unix Mailboxes presently.

Ah, now I see it. And it DOES support PowerMail.

All I had seen before was in the scripts menu. I selected “Mail Import” and it just started bringing in everything I had in Mail. The File/Import/Mail functionality is cool. It appears I can specify not just folders but even down to the message level.

One other question I have re Office now that the email thing is resolved. I’m guessing part of the cost is to pay for licensing of IRIS ocr technology. Well, I already have it resident as a standalone app on my machine. We have ReadIRIS Pro 11.5. I scan documents into PDF format and then import them into DT Pro already. Will Office give me either a more powerful or more streamlined solution? This is pretty straightforward right now.

Not sure I want to pay for something I already have, although the email import is cool.