Question about time for DTTG to compute Tag Counts after sync

This post is a question regarding how long it should take DTTG to compute the Tag Counts after an initial sync using Bonjour.

By way of a little background, I initially synced my Mac, iPhone and iPad using iCloud. The tag count on the iPhone and iPad never seemed complete and so I tried to force the situation using the help > Appendix > URL commands > Performing service tasks > fix and delete-caches commands, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem.

So, a couple of days ago, I realized that I really didn’t need to use iCloud (thank you @BLUEFROG for your posing this question in various posts) and since my Mac is usually on, I switched to Bonjour. The sync happened quite quickly (a few hours for both iOS devices and I do have a reasonable amount of data in 6 separate databases) but after the sync completed and any visible activity (indexing) completed, the tag count was lagging again. At this point I was only syncing using Bonjour and had completely removed the iCloud sync store.

I waited overnight and, since syncing from scratch is now a reasonable prospect using Bonjour, I took a more drastic approach and deleted DTTG from both iOS devices and started over fresh. Still the tag counts aren’t finished calculating. On the iPad I have two databases showing the correct counts and the other 4 show “–”. On the iPhone, two databases report numbers that are smaller than they should/will be when finished, two show the “–”, and the other two have no number or symbol where the count should be.

I’m curious how and when these tag counts are calculated and what is a reasonable time for them to update. The “All documents” special group responds very quickly by comparison.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

We are working on some things regarding item counts and updating for the next version of DEVONthink To Go. My numbers are looking good here so I’d say it’s working as expected in the internal beta.

Thanks for the update - not a deal breaker, but good to know.