Question about updating email archive when two Macs involved

I have searched but not found the answer to this particular question.

I have two Macs, A and B. Both have only IMAP Mail accounts so have all the same email.

On Mac A, I have just successfully imported all my email using the “Archive email” option in the Importer tab. This has all gone into a dedicated new database which is sync’d to Mac B with Bonjour.

Running “Archive Mail” again on Mac A imports only the latest mail. All good so far.

The question is can I use “Archive Mail” on Mac B to update the database with the latest mail, or will Mac B see all existing emails as different because they were imported on Mac A? Hence try to import the whole 100k emails again, as duplicates.


Archiving email should work as expected on either machine provided the database is synced between them before archiving.

Thanks for the answer I wanted! Seems to have worked OK

You’re welcome and there should be no issue with it since the emails have UUIDs that inhibit them from being imported into a database more than once.

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