Question about writing to files in a DEVONthink database

I’ve been using DEVONthink for just a few days trying to develop a workflow for producing short documentaries. My question is about which project files are best kept outside of DEVONthink.

It seems like ingesting all correspondence and production related business files like proposals, SOW’s, client provided materials like pdfs and powerpoint presentations would work fine. DT also seems to allow you to edit or modify the files in DEVONthink with the appropriate external app (word, powerpoint, pages). I’ve experimented and even illustrator and photoshop files can be edited in DEVONthink. - please correct me if this is a bad idea!

I’m not sure but it seems like apps that create a package are not suited for placing in DEVONthink if you intend to work on the document. This would include Final Cut Pro (which has basically evolved into a very effective database on its own), Motion, Logic, Reason and other production apps.

I would much appreciate any thoughts on this workflow ranging from don’t put any files you intend to modify in DEVONthink to put the whole project in DEVONthink and work out of the database.

Thanks, Richard

Document packages like RTFD shouldn’t cause any troubles but adding huge database packages of other applications is usually not very useful (e.g. the packages can’t be indexed/displayed and bloat DEVONthink’s database).