Question for editing records in sheets

Not sure if this should be a feature request or point to “improve the eco-system”

  • is there a possibility to copy rows from one sheet to add to another?

I know you can merge documents, but sometimes in my case only single rows are needed to be merged with previous documents, and merging would create extra mess and reorganising (deleting, renaming, fixing links etc)

I don’t use DEVONthink Sheets very much, preferring the full features of Excel or (increasingly) Numbers for documents benefiting by a sheet idea … but being the curious sort I created two small Sheets, then in one selected a row, used the “copy” command to put a row into the macOS clipboard, then went to the other, and used the “paste” command to copy it in to the other sheet. So the feature apparently already there. This what you mean?

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actually, yes!
I didn’t realise this worked. I only just worked out how to select a whole row. It’s a little tricky, clicking on a cell opens the text section, so I had to click away and back again to select the whole row.
But thanks, I can work with this.
I guess this might be one of those - “improve the environment” issues, such as having a list of the rows like Excel does.
I do like using Excel as well, but the “form” view of sheets sometimes works better for some research projects. I guess I’ll have to use both!