Question: Indexing Omni Outliner

Hi everyone. As a relative Devonthink Novice, I have a quick question that I am hoping some wise sounds can help with. I have both Devonthink Pro Office (2.8.6) and Omni Outliner 4.2.3 (Personal). From looking at various places online, it appears that I should be able to Index an Omni Outliner outline and that it should be visible as an outline with proper formatting in Devonthink. However, when I do this all I get is the Omni Outliner icon (see pic). This is the same result if I import rather than Index.

Is there something obvious that I am missing or is this something that is best asked over at Omni Group?

Many thanks.

I use OO Pro, and can see a preview of the oo3 document within DEVONthink – makes no difference if the file is imported or indexed. (Import vs. index never makes a difference with any type of document.) I don’t know if previewing is an OO Pro feature or not – you would have check in with the OmniGroup support team to find that out.

Here’s a tip. Almost anything you can preview in DEVONthink can be previewed in Finder – because DEVONthink is using exactly the same technology to do this as does Finder. If you can navigate to any document in Finder, press the space bar, and see a preview – then the same thing should be possible in DEVONthink. If you cannot see the preview in Finder – but you’re sure you should – then the problem is usually with your other software, or OS X. Sometimes preview issues are specific to DEVONthink - but, in my experience, that’s rare because of DEVONthink’s dependency on a basic OS X technology.

Anyway, OmniOutliner previews are working fine over here in DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.6 with OO Pro installed on OS X 10.10.4.

Thanks for this Korm. It does work now; I am not entirely sure what the problem was. Maybe that the file was open in OO4 and (I think, not sure) had unsaved changes? But, either way, it works and I am as happy as a pig in mud with the DT/OO combo.