Question on smart rule / item manipulation after migration from evernote

after importing from evernote I have a lot of groups with just two files: a pdf and a formatted note containing nothing but a link to the pdf. now I’d like to clean that up by

  • deleting the fomatted note,
  • moving the pdf up one level in the group hierarchy
  • deleting the (now empty) group

and obviously I’d like to do that automatically. my 1st thought was to do that via a smart rule, but as I could not find the appropriate search criteria, I am wondering if this is the right approach? I am sure others have encountered this before - any ideas / experiences? thanks in advance!

The easiest solution might be to select the unnecessary groups, choose Data > Ungroup and finally to delete the obsolete formatted notes.

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Makes sense, but with thousands and thousands of Evernote notes split into a Group/PDF/Formated Note, that is easier said than done.

I created a Smart Group based on the type “Formatted Note”, but the issue is, that list also contains the “normal” actual notes…

Would be nice to have a filter on “Formatted Notes generated after Evernote PDF note import”…

Degrouping, and moving only the PDF files to a specific database probably will partially will work for me. The Evernote “cruft” and actual notes will be separated then…

As you can read, I myself am preparing a migration ;-).

well, I have cleaned up my GTD process manually as per @cgrunenberg’s suggestion, but the majority of the imported PDFs is still in these strange little groups…

unfortunately I cannot come up with a way to correct this with smart rules, so I am starting to contemplate learning apple script, which I have wanted to do for a long time anyways. my gut feeling is that there should be a way to fix it that way and in the meanwhile as a wiki I can leave things as they are - after all I can find the stuff I need thanks to my tags and search…but if you can come up with another solution, I’d obviously be very curious to hear about it…

on a related note: @selsrog you might want to look at the OCR of your imported pdfs. there is a separate thread here on the subject. in addition I seem to recall that EN does not OCR files over a certain size (e.g. books), so you might find a number of pdf’s that are not OCRed yet. so yet another thing DT will add on top of EN…:slight_smile:

That would open up a flood of other requests if we implemented something with that level of specificity.

How about zipping and posting an example formatted note?

@bluefrog not sure, what the numbers look like, but I would not be surprised if you see quite some influx from EN these days due to the “changes” they are making (@selsrog & I are just two examples). so smoothing that transition might be in your interest…;-). but like I said, I wanted to learn apple script anyways…:smiley:

all these formatted notes contain is a link to another document, mostly a pdf, but could be ppt as well for example. so these import groups are fairly easy to identify: a group with some item (let’s call it the document) plus a formatted note containing nothing but a link to the document.

the goal would be as follows:

if there is a group containing nothing but a document plus a formatted note with just a link to the document do the following:

  • rename the document to the name of the formatted note
  • delete the formatted note
  • move the document up one level
  • delete the now empty group

now I just need to learn to code this in apple script…shouldn’t be too hard I guess…:slight_smile:

Can you zip and post an example note?

no entirely sure what you would like to see, but here is an example of such a formatted note only containing a link as the result of the evernote import.

I dragged the note out of DT to the desktop, zipped it and here you are…interestingly in DT it shows up as a formatted note, but extracet to the desktop it became an HTML file. are formatted notes HTML?

Verteilung Wohnkosten in Ö (1.2 KB)

Yes, formatted notes are HTML, just like Evernote notes are.

interesting, thanks…out of interest: why does DT differentiate between formatted notes and HTML documents then?

@toao Hi, did you ever get that script

  • rename the document to the name of the formatted note
  • delete the formatted note
  • move the document up one level
  • delete the now empty group

written as it looks like what I need to finish my EN migration to DT?