Question on verification and "checking files"

I have a really large database, and from time to time I want to make sure that everything it contains is still valid. I love the idea that DEVONthink keeps checksums of all the files, and can verify my data for me.

However, I’ve noticed that the verification phase runs really fast. Like, no way it could be checksumming 10G of data fast. It completes in a few seconds, when doing a manual checksum on disk takes several minutes.

What’s going on when it says that its verifying files and checksums, and is there any way I can invoke a fully manual, “check everything down to the last bit”, check?

Thanks, John

It’s verifying checksums of stuff inside the database files (.dtMeta), not checksums of external files. And therefore the verification checks only whether files exist or not.

Ah! Can I get it checksum the external files? This is one feature of EagleFiler I really like.