question re: using DTP with TimeMachine


i recently screwed up a file in dtp, and was hoping to recover it through time machine. if i’m remembering properly, in the past, i selected the file, clicked, “reveal in finder,” then initiated time machine, and restored the last version of the file.

i just tried these steps, bit it seems like time machine keeps reverting back to the home-finder window, instead of the window i opened through using the dtp “reveal in finder” steps to find the ruined file in question.

is there something else i should be doing to achieve what i’m seeking to do?


It’s not “Reveal” it is “Restore”. To restore a file from Time Machine, you have to select the file(s) and choose “Restore”. If there is a conflict, Time Machine will ask if you what to do (keep both, etc.).

BTW, you didn’t say you were trying to do this, but: it is a bad idea to restore a file from Time Machine directly into a database package in the file system. (It is a bad idea to make any manual changes to the inside of the database package.). Instead, restore the file to the Desktop or some location outside of DEVONthink, and then import it.

actually, i meant that when i selected my dtp file, I would then click on “reveal in finder” - to located it in the finder file structure - and then I would turn on time machine and click “restore.” like i said, this process no on longer works as it used to. instead, whenever i open time machine, it autodirects me to a fresh home->finder screen.

so, you’re saying i ought to drag the dtp file to the desktop, open time machine, select and restore the file from the desktop, and then once done, re-import the restored file to dtp. have i got that right? thanks.

No. Dragging the file to the Desktop will not work, because Time Machine will not find the earlier versions because those earlier versions were not on the Desktop. What you do, very carefully, is:

  1. Select the file in DEVONthink and use Reveal in Finder from the contextual menu
  2. Click the Time Machine icon and Enter Time Machine
  3. Scroll back in Time Machine to the point from which you want restoration
  4. Control click the file to restore, and chose the “Restore to…” command. (Time Machine inserts the selected document’s name in )
  5. Time Machine will exit and a Choose Folder dialog will open with the instructions at the top: “Select a folder for the restored items”
  6. Browse to a location outside the database package and press “Choose”
  7. Drag the restored file back into your database.

This takes you into the database package very briefly. Be careful to use “Restore … to” from the contextual menu and not use the Restore command at the bottom of Time Machine’s window.