Question regarding Annotations

I see that DT 3 uses annotation in two senses…the traditional sense (ie notes, mark ups) and then in another sense which I really don’t understand and the handbook does not really go into with much depth. I need some usage scenarios for this latter understanding.

Also, returning to the original sense of annotation, am I correct in understanding that if I have a PDF in DT3, that I open in say acrobat to annotate (ie highlight) those annotations will not appear in DT3 in the inspector? I have yet to see any. So I assume that only annotations made in DT3 can be seen in the inspector.

What handbook are you referring to?

PDF Annotations are covered in Help > Documentation > Documents > PDFs > Editing Bar and Annotations

Annotation files are covered in Help > Documentation > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders

They are also widely discussed in these forums.

Assuming you’re opening the PDFs from within DEVONthink, I would try opening the same annotated PDF in Preview.

PS: I would never make an assumption that Acrobat’s features will be usable in other applications. Adobe made the PDF specification and does many things that are only possible in Acrobat.

See here:

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