Question regarding hashtag conversion in PDF documents


I would like to use hashtags added via in-text annotation (or some other way) next to specific paragraphs in PDF documents, with those hashtags then automatically getting converted to tags and added to the document.

This would make it possible to search for documents under a tag, and through a search for the tag title within the document find the exact page it refers to.

However, the hashtag does not get picked up. The tag I tested this with only contains letters (alphanumeric) and I did restart DT after activating the conversion of hashtags to tags in preferences. The tag is also not excluded from Classification, in case that is relevant.

Do hashtags generally work in PDF documents? If so, am I missing something that is causing it not to work? Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry not to answer your question about hashtags directly but you do know that you can anyway link to specific pages of a pdf in DT, don’t you?

See this excerpt from the DT user handbook (also available via on-line help from the app):

Sorry if you already knew that!


Add the annotation with the hashtag, then select Data > Tags > Convert Hashtags to Tags

Thanks, @Stephen_C for the input. There’s even a script by @Bernardo_V in these forums, which makes it possible to link to a specific line or passage in a PDF :wink: I would post the link but can’t find the post anymore.

However, while I do use this kind of backlinking, I would also like to use tags in certain circumstances for a more “loose” linking of PDF contents to tags.

Just to be sure I understood correctly: So the conversion is not automatic, but rather it needs to be triggered for each document?

I was assuming that by using the checkmark in preferences for “convert hashtags to tags” it would happen automatically.

However, it’s completely feasible in my workflow to trigger this with a shortcut after adding hashtags, so thank you.

Annotations are separate from the content of a PDF. Annotations are indexed but Development would have to assess the behavior of automatically detecting hashtags on annotations and their details.

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Following up on this: Would you consider including hashtags added to PDFs via “typewriter annotations” in the “convert hashtags to tags” function in future releases?

For now, I’ve resorted to first adding the in-text annotation, and then manually adding the tag to the PDF. However, this does feel a bit clunky…

A future release might support this but no promises.

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