Question: RSS feed Articles (read more) scraper

I would like to automate the rss feed data collection and append or link the full article to each specific.

What is the best way to achieve/backup full article(s) when a (read more) linked within embedded RSS Feed posts/articles?

Any suggestions?

The easiest option would be to change the format of the feed, either for all feeds in Preferences > RSS or via the Info > General inspector. But this requires of course more bandwidth & disk space than the Automatic default option.

How does changing source feed type define how the response of the source will handle the given information?

See my attachment:

The article is summarized, but I would to archive the source linked via containing read more.

The original website is used in case of other formats, not the news/summary.

Thank you for the prompt response. I’m betting then its just get a few of the feeds that are the issue.

Is case where the rss feed only outputs a summary with a read me link or follow link, what is the best approach to gather that using a smart rule?

As long as the URL of the items links to the original web page, using a different format should be sufficient.