Question: X-Callback append/prepend

I’m trying to use the Drafts App to edit a Markdown document held in DTTG (i.e. prepending additional content)

Specifically I would like to maintain a single “log” by prepending new content to the start of an existing Markdown file. Drafts has the capability to do this to iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc. And, more to the point, I believe it can do it to other x-callback capable apps (e.g. Ulysses).

Is this possible in the DTTG x-callback schema?

So far I’ve been able to both read and create standalone files in DTTG using x-callback. But I can’t find any way of adding to a file within DTTG

Can anyone advise please. Thanks in advance

No, it is not possible to prepend or append to an existing file.

Thanks for the fast response Jim. That was easy then :frowning:

It’s a shame as I believe this could be a really useful workflow i.e.

It would enable an iPad/iPhone to very conveniently capture date/time stamped event information to a single object (which could then be easily referenced in other contexts via a static document link). All this synchronised back to DTPO.

For example I maintain project notes in DEVONthink. If this involves a series of phone conversations with a 3rd party it’s really useful to capture key points to a rolling logfile in real-time with minimum delay - Drafts is great at this. Opening DDTG and then opening a file for editing is nowhere near as frictionless

I’ve tried without success to achieve this in other ways (e.g. Workflow) and it’s fried my brain. Perhaps this could be considered as a feature request please. Thanks again.

It’s already on our list for future improvements.

Why should I ever have doubted it? :smiley:

Many thanks. DTTG has evolved into such a good product - particularly when combined with iOS11 - the growth in possibilities seems to grow exponentially. I’m sure this increases pressure on the development team. Suffice to say please keep up the good work - it’s much appreciated.

Thanks for the kind words and support, especially acknowledging the “pressure on Development”. :smiley: