Questions about DT email search

Am considering DT, and I’m wondering how good DT is with email searching across the following types:

-if I look for “Daniel Johnson” but the email only has in it… will DT find it?

-How about if the email is

-if I’m looking for, say, emails involving payments from Quincy, and I put “payments from Quincy” – can it pull in various kinds of payments (e.g. Zelle, paypal, stripe, etc.)?

-how good is the natural language search generally?


DEVONthink doesn’t support natural language searching at all so far, the used syntax for operators & wildcards is described in the appendix of the help. All options are also available via the user interface of the advanced search.

E.g. searching for Daniel-Johnson matches both “Daniel Johnson” and “danieljohnson” and therefore the email address too.