Questions about tags

I understand that groups are equal to tags in DT.
When managing hierarchical tags in DT, both file and hierarchical tags are displayed. When this tag exists in a large number of files, it becomes very hard to handle the secondary tag because it may be hidden within a large number of files.
And the tag cannot be set to always show the group at the top in the preferences like the group.
My question is: Is there a way to hide the files and show only the tags? Just like the way Evernote’s tagging system is displayed.
My English is not very good, so maybe it is not very clear to express. I’m sorry for that. Thanks for your reply!

If I understand you correctly, what you would like to see in the image (from DT) above, would be for tags associated with “DEVONagent Pro Manual.pdf”, “DEVONthink Manual.pdf” and “How to Take Smart Notes…pdf”, rather than those file names? So if in addition to “Tag”, “DEVONagent Pro Manual.pdf” were tagged with “Instructions” and “How to Take Smart Notes…pdf” were tagged with “Books”, you would want “Instructions” and “Books” to appear below “Tag”?

Thanks for the reply, bro! :grinning:
Actually, what I am trying to achieve is very simple, i.e.: in the tag management page, only all tags are displayed and not the files that are tagged with those tags.
Are you able to understand that? Any suggestions?

You cannot disable displaying the documents in the item list.

If you open the Tags group for a database in the Navigate sidebar, it will only display tags not documents.


In fact, I am managing the tags on the Tags group for a database in the Navigate sidebar.
The tricky part of the problem is that I tend to use multi-level tags.
When I manage a second level of tags or a deeper level of tags, there is no way to avoid showing multiple files tagged with the first level of tags.

This makes managing tags inconvenient.
Maybe there is a way to solve it? Happy to hear any ideas you may have. :blush:

Just like the example below. When I’m managing the third level of tags, the files tagged with the second level tags get crowded with the third level tags.

The screen captures are showing the item list, not the Navigate sidebar on the left side of a main window.

Oh damn, I misunderstood you before. Thank you so much, your patience is impressive. :heart:

No worries and thanks! :slight_smile: