Questions about the sync procedure (when there are multiple locations)

Hi, I am trying to sync my db from Mac to my iPhone. Here is how I setup my database

  1. I set up and sync my Mac database to iCloud (Cloudkit) and it succeed.
  2. I set up my iPhone and sync the database with Mac through Bonjour connection(local network) and it succeed.
  3. I walked away from that local network connection and try to sync the same database in my iPhone using iCloud (CloudKit) and it looks like it takes forever (it says it is trying to sync from iCloud).
    I wonder if anyone knows what is the sync procedure for step 3. Is it simply downloading all the database information ignoring the local database in my iPhone.

No, only the latest changes are pulled (assuming that the database exists already on the iPhone). But depending on the network connection and the iCloud availability the performance might vary.

Hi, thank you for your reply. If both iPhone local database and the iCloud database are up to date, it won’t take a long time to check?

Hi, I have some updates. Here are something I found confusing:

  1. I found that when I turn on the iCloud sync in addition to that local sync. The size of the data doubled (at the information part).
  2. Everytime when I come back to the app, looks like it is going to proceed “sync from iCloud” again and it stuck at “sync to iCloud” for a long time. This happens twice.
    So now I might turn off that iCloud sync and rely on the local sync alone.

The size of the data where?

Here is where I found the size:

Now there is no trouble at my side. I think it should be the iCloud sync issue at the iCloud server side. As we never know whether it will throttle the sync.

Here is an update, during the sync, the size increases to >4 GB and then fall back.

So the Info popup in DEVONthink To Go will report >4GB then later report a smaller value?

Yes, that’s right, during the iCloud sync.