Questions on hoisting and views of new windows


Is there are way to hoist a selected group within the open window? I searched the manual and the form but only found (cmd-opt) double-click (and cmd-(opt)-O) to hoist to a new window.

New windows always opened in Icon view, which is definitely the most unusable view for me. Is there an option to set an other view as standard?


Disable the option to always open groups in a new window, then just double-click on the group. Use the commands Go > Up or Go > Top Level to “unhoist”.

There’s no default preference yet but every group remembers the last used view and therefore it’s only an initial issue.

Though with the Open windows were open on quit preference enabled I’m still noticing certain group windows left open in List view occasionally missing extra columns (previously added from the View > Columns) when DTP is relaunched. That unpredictable bug hadn’t happened for maybe six months, then mysteriously reappeared about a month ago.

Also, if all custom view/column windows are closed before quitting then any group first reopened after launching seems to consistently open in the same location, and with the same size, as a specific one of those other custom group windows. Other group windows opened after that may or may not open previous locations and sizes.

As of today (after updating to DTP 1.3.4beta4), what seems to be happening is that a window state that was previously saved due to Open windows were open on quit being enabled is now partly being inherited by group windows that may or may never have been open in the past when quitting. By opening them in a specific order I’m partly able to retain the previous location/size I want them to. And the reason I stopped leaving them open when quitting is because of the first problem I mentioned about previously added columns disappearing.

At this point I’m more amused than frustrated that Finder windows (for all the spacial vs. browser arguments Siracusa forever belabors) have always (re)opened more predictably than DTP windows.