Questions on mindmapping applications

In conjunction with DT I am currently using Scapple and MindNode.
When i copy the link of a document (x-devonthink-item://CE821EF7-5E70-46E1-BE7B-C77BC0E5CCFB) into MindNode or Xmind I got the link not the title of the file.

When i copy same in Scapple I get the title of the file in that regards Scapple is very handy. Do you have any idea why i cannot achieve this with MindNode

Thanks for your help

Question for MindNote people, is it not?

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Read MindNode’s documentation for instructions on how to add a link to a node. What you want is possible, with instruction.


Questions like this are indeed for the developer or support materials of those applications. We have no control over the behavior of those apps. DEVONthink provides the information but the receiving application handles it in the way it was developed.

Also, be aware some applications may support URLs but not URL schemes, i.e., URLs starting with x-devonthink-item:// or bookends://.

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MindNode doesn’t seem to allow links to be titled, so pasting the x-devonthink-item link is just going to show the document name.

I use Keyboard Maestro to copy a DT item link, switch to MindNode, and add the link to the current node there. It wouldn’t take much to copy the item name, paste it in the current MindNode node, switch back to DT, grab the item link and then add it to the current node in MindNode.

Noted. Makes sense …
Will use Scapple !

Thanks. Read it but did not find a way to do it. It is a pity that a less sophisticated app like scapple can handle it and not MindNode

As I mentioned, this is simple if one only reads the documentation, or asks on the other forum, but since doing one’s own research appears to be a burden, here’s the answer:

  1. Select item in DEVONthink and use Edit > Copy Item Link
  2. Create a node in MindNode and place the cursor into that node’s text (do not skip this step)
  3. Use Edit > Paste and Preserve Style in MindNode

Awesome …Works perfectly … Many thanks