Questions re "Add E-Mail to DT"

Using DT 3.8.7 on MacOS Ventura, Intel Silicon. I see this behavior:

  • Importing E-Mails (using the “Add to DT” menu entry in Apple’s Mail) preserves the “read” status in DT. So an unread e-mail remains unread in DT whereas a read e-mail is read there, too. This is not what I see with other documents: those are always imported as “unread” in DT. I’m not sure if that is inconsistent or as it should be. Someone here will certainly know :wink:
  • OTOH, I can’t “add” an e-mail (using the same menu entry) twice to DT. I get a short notification saying “0 e-mails added to DEVONthink” and that’s very true – the e-mail does not get added. Given that I can add other documents as many times as I want (creating duplicates, I know), this seems to be inconsistent to me. Also, the notification appears only very briefly. People might not be able to read it in this short time. And, even after moving an imported e-mail to the trash in DT, the same thing happens: The original e-mail is not imported again. In my mind, that looks like a bug.

That’s correct, the unread status of the email is used.

That’s intentional and required as the imported email’s UUID is the message ID.

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Makes sense. But then maybe a more noticeable notice would be helpful, something like “You’ve already imported that e-mail, its UUID is …” or so?

We’ll consider this for future releases.