Quick entry window on main monitor

Now that DTTG is approaching, I intend to use DT as my main note taking software.

I run DT on a second monitor that I only switch on when I actually use DT.
The thing is, when I evoke the quick note panel, it always opens on the display that DT is running on, so I would have to enter my note blindly most of the time.

Is there a way to change this…?

And also, is there a way to finish/close the note without taking one’s hands off the keyboard and using the mouse to click “Save”?

Can’t help with the multiple monitor question, but Command-S will save and close the note.

Cool, thanks.

Try turning on your monitor, opening up the quite note panel, and then click-dragging the title bar to move it to your main monitor. I don’t have a second display, but the quick note panel maintains its position - every time I bring it up, it’s in the new spot that I moved it to. My guess is that if you move it from your second display to your primary one, then any time you bring it up it should pop up on the primary display, right where you left it. If not, sorry :mrgreen:

I only have a MBP without a second monitor, but I set my iPad up as a second monitor using “Air Display”. Once I did that I could drag the “Sorter” back and forth between both screens and could open the note entry from whichever screen it was on. Should work the same way for your setup.

Yup, works with the sorter :slight_smile: