Quick find/jump

Hi I’m new so I apologize if I missed this somewhere. I’m looking for a fast and easy way to search my database and jump to the result.

In Evernote this is Ctrl+J which pops up a window, focuses it for you and displays results as you type that you can easily select the first result by hitting enter.

In slack this is Cmd+K, called the “quick switcher”.

I can’t figure out how to do this in DT. The best I’ve found is

Opt+Cmd+F to focus search bar
Type search term
Ctrl+Tab to focus result window
Cmd+R to reveal

Not terrible but I do this so many times per day, maybe a script that is out there?

Apps like Evernote can do this more easily since it’s a flat structure. With the possbility of deeply nested hierarchies and multiple matches in different locations, this is less easily done and harder to display. However, we are working on some ideas for a future version of DEVONthink that may be similar in concept.