Quick find, long search...

I’m doing the deep internet search and allowing links to files to be found (e.g., pdfs, etc.). So I’m not surprised the search is taking a long while. But I’m wondering how the search routine works because it found 38 documents within the first 5 or fewer minutes and hasn’t found anything more during the last 1.5 hours or thereabouts. I’ve had DA freeze up on me twice today so I’m being extra careful to give it virtually all the processor (1.5 GHz) and real memory (1 Gig). I noticed one of the times that it hung was when I began using my cell phone and BluePhoneElite began logging the call, so I’m not using that program at the moment, although I don’t know why it would kill DA, it’s using Bluetooth to connectd to the phone.

So if you haven’t had any new documents added in an hour or more is it reasonable to stop the search? I’m guessing that depends on your searching algorithms.

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Was there anything logged to the console during the freeze? Or is it possible to reproduce the problem using a specific search setting & term?

However, the included “Internet (Deep Scan)” set does what it says but in most cases a simplified version (following only 1 or 2 link levels) should be sufficient and reduce search time a lot.

I can’t find anything about it in console but I’ve got hundreds of repeats of this pair of lines:
“Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8717
Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8718”

Does anyone know what this is or whether this is normal behavior?


If no application name is logged in front of these messages, then they’re likely caused by a kernel extension (e.g. a driver).

Can you tell me a method to find out which one(s)? Also, will this info be permanently retained in the log file, making the file huge? Is this perchance a result of running activity monitor since it checks the memory, CPU, etc., every 10 seconds or whatever?


Actually I don’t know of any method but after booting the computer while pressing the shift key (turns off all third party extensions), those messages will probably disappear. And yes, the info is permanent (see /Library/Logs/) and each log in/restart creates a new log file.