Quick Key in DA for Viewing Windows

I was using my new DA tonight and discovered a neat key action for viewing several windows. (For Macs the keys are CMD and tilde sign key.) Hold down CMD/Apple key and tab with the tilde key. This same action works for viewing several windows open while using Adobe Illustrator.

This quick key is great for doing research with DA.( I think the key for PC would be Alt. I’m not sure since I don’t use PCs/Windows system.)

Folk, I just bought the Pro pack with DA and DT and I haven’t been this excited about a database program in years. Wow! . . . best describes my impression of this software.

The engineers for Devon Technolgies are geniuses. :smiley:

What exactly does this keyboard command do? I’m using a German keyboard, and it does not have a tilde key :slight_smile:

Thank you very, very much! :smiley:


Let see, I’m not good at explaining techniques, but I will give it a try.

While browsing with DA and I have several windows open, instead of going to the Window menu and selecting a different window to view, I hold down the CMD/Apple key and click/press the tilde key (it is located above the tab key) each time I want to view a different open window. I can rapidly shuffle through each window for information.

I found this image link of a German keyboard: forlang.wsu.edu/help/kgerman.gif
I see where the tilde key is used as a alt/graphics entry and the symbol is accessed on the same key as the + symbol.

Now it might be possible to use the same key action on the German keyboard by using the key above the Tab key. This is a guess on my part.

But for people using a Mac with a U. S. keyboard this quick key action is excellent for viewing several windows open in DA.

Like I mentioned before, I use this key action with Adobe Illustrator to view several illustration windows that are open. Using the Control and tab key in Photoshop will cycle through the open widows, too.

I probably confused the issue with my explanations and I hope not. Maybe someone will be able to use it. :smiley:

Ah! On a German keyboard it’s Command-< and Command-> for cycling forth and back through all open windows. Yes, very convenient.