Quick search by tags

Dear Devonthink team,

In order to search by tags, I have today two “complex” ways to do it:

  • display tags view and select my tags to filter
  • do an advanced search with search dialog, and specify the criteria based on tags.

As I tend to structure my data with tags, I have a very simple suggestion:
It would be much easier and faster if we could do the search with the top right search textbox. Unfortunately today, the tags is not a field that is used to perform search in this textbox. I believe it would be very useful, and not so difficult to implement, to add tags for this search, including the possibility to explicitly search by tags only (by selecting with the dropdownlist of the search control).

Thanks for considering. Great software.

Looks can be deceiving.

That’s planned for a future release.


+1 please, please…it’s so obvious…and such a huge usability improvement…

Search by tags is a great idea!