quick way to clip PDFs that have loaded in browser (safari)

Hi All,

Just having a little trouble adding PDFs currently loaded in my browser (safari) into my database. There seems to be no toolbar for the pdf in the window (unlike viewing pdfs on a pc where you get a toolbar within the browser winder). Also, when I click the devonthink icon to clip, it does nothing. When I click bookmarklets i have (archive and paginated pdfs), i can designate where to save, but when I check the database, the file is just a bookmark called “blank”. Does anyone know the trick for this one? Thanks,


at the moment the best i can do is “save as” in the menu and save them into my “inbox”, to sort out later- not ideal because I like to organise as I go,



try this

in safari

click print in file menu (command + P)

then click “pdf” in bottom left corner

then there is an option to save item to devonthink pro