Quick way to show global inbox list view when focus is on another group in sidebar?

I frequently need file inbox items into new groups in my databases. I generally open the database in the sidebar, scroll down to find where I want to add the new group, add the new group, then scroll back up to click on the inbox to find the inbox items, scroll back down to where I added the new group, and move the items into the new group. It would make this easier if, after creating the new group, I could use a keyboard shortcut to show the global inbox contents in list view while focus is still on the new group in the sidebar, and then just move the inbox files over. What would be the easiest way to do this?

You could also use Data > Move To… instead of switching databases. This supports also the creation of new groups.

If the popover had focus, perhaps you could use Shift-Command-N to create a new group in the selected location. :wink:

These are good suggestions. However, in thinking about them I realized that most often, I actually have the database open to the parent group where I want to create the new group because I am already working in a project area. I add a new file that requires a new group and I want to quickly put the new group into the group structure and file the new item there, leveraging that I am already at the right location in the group structure in the sidebar. I could do this if I could quickly view the inbox list next to the location that I am at in the group structure. It would mimic what happens when I scroll up to the global inbox, select it, and scroll back down to where I was in the group structure.

The methods you suggested would require me to again find my location within the group structure as I file the item in the inbox. Is there anyway just to bring the inbox view into the right pane (the pane above the preview pane; I am not sure what it is called) without scrolling in the sidebar? Would it be possible with an applescript?

Just looping back on this. I appreciate the suggestions, but I don’t think they will do what I need. Maybe the best way would be an applescript that performs a search for items in the global inbox? My preference would be to avoid search because then I have to escape out of it. Ideally, I would just be able to move the focus to the global inbox without leaving my location in the sidebar (i.e., without moving the sidebar focus to the global inbox). Is this possible?

Why don’t you just open two windows and put them side-by-side to transfer items between the Global Inbox and other databases?

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That is a great idea. I’ll make a shortcut to open the global inbox in another small window without the sidebar etc. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Thanks!

Sometimes it’s the forest; sometimes it’s the trees :blush:
You’re welcome!