Quickadd feature

Adding data on ipad with the share button works quite well, but how can I just quickly add a note to dttg? like with apples notes app or draft or the sorter on mac?

Press and hold the DevonThink to Go icon on the iPad. You should get a contextual menu that gives you the choice to add a new note, new media and other options. Choose note and you can start typing right away or just add a title or some text and save it, then it will open in DTTG proper and you can do more complicated editing.

When you save it you can chose from some basic formats. I’m always in a markdown headspace so that’s how I add quick notes.
The note will end up in the Global Inbox btw.

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This shortcut is my solution (you need to make a note names inbox first or change it).

I put the shortcut on my home screen, when I tap it a text box pops up, appends to my “inbox” note, and I don’t even need to open DTTG.

thanks both of you, slickslack and jmanko16. both are helpful in different circumstances, the siri shortcut works with just changing the folder.