Quickly clip document into pieces and tag the pieces

In my work, I often want to clip a document into small pieces, and classify them.

This is what I would like to do:
Mark a piece of text from a larger document inside DevonThink, create a new text clip from it, and classfiy it with different tags.

Why it’s not convenient to do now:
It takes too many cumbersome steps.

This is how I would like to do it more efficiently:

  1. Select a section of a longer text in DevonThink.
  2. Press a shortcut key
  3. The clip is created, and the classify box is opened. Checkboxes are beside each group. Checkboxes are also beside each group in the group list to the left (assuming the view with the grouplist to the left, and the document to the right, is used). A field (not a pop-up) with the name of the document-to-be-created is opened above the text, in the text window to the right. Beside, are the buttons OK and CANCEL.
  4. After having selected the checkboxes, and pressed enter or clicked OK, the text clip is created in one of the groups, and replicated into the other groups.
    4 alternative. Pressing cancel or esc cancels the operation.

Why I want to do it like this:
-shortcut keys are fast.

  • checkboxes is a convenient way of selecting groups, and much faster than drag-and-drop to each category. By opening a classify box for the new clip, I could also take advantage of the AI in DevonThink to classify the new clip.
  • a field rather than a pop-up is less intrusive. Showing the suggested new filename there makes it much faster to edit the filename than first creating it, then locating and renaming it.

What’s the point of doing it faster?
I have to clip and tag many documents, into many clips. It has to be supported by an efficient workflow. This would make DevonThink into a great analysis tool.

No one else would find this useful then?

It would be a minor change to how the program works now, just a small interface tweak, but one that would make a big difference when working with clipping and tagging text.