Quickly duplicate a Smart Group in the same location


it looks like until migrating to macOS 12, I was able to quickly create a duplicate of a selected smart group using the keyboard shortcut Cmd-D (though this showed nowhere in DT’s menus).

While right-click > Duplicate To… > … still works, it’s tedious to browse the huge destination list menu to find the location where I already am.

Is there a new/different shortcut to copy/paste or duplicate a Smart Group to the same location where the source is (with " Copy" appended, like in earlier versions)?

Thanks, Christian

See Data > Duplicate. The shortcut is still the same, maybe it’s used by another app or service?

It’s available when a “real” data item is selected, but it’s greyed out when I have selected a Smart Group. But good to know that it should work, so I’ll investigate what the offending app/service might be. Thank you!

You can’t duplicate a global smart group via Command-D in the Navigate sidebar.

Thanks Bluefrog, but I don’t think it’s a global smart group. It’s a smart group within a database, and before the system upgrade, duplication vid Cmd-D did work (at least I’m almost 100% sure…).

I have checked all services (+associated kbd shortcuts), but none would take Cmd-D. Also, selecting a data item, Cmd-D is enabled, so it really seems to be an issue with Smart Groups. Hmmm.

The Navigate sidebar has some different behaviors than the item list, including a smaller set of commands available. This is true of all selections there, groups, local smart groups, databases, etc.

The Duplicate command isn’t available in the Data menu with a selection in the sidebar. Only the Duplicate To command is available for some items in the contextual menu.

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Thanks Bluefrog - that’s the bit I was missing. I must have had selected the smart group in the item list formerly - and there, it still works. :+1:

Why there would be a difference in interaction with the the exact same thing between the sidebar and the item list, that’s an UX issue to solve.

You’re welcome.

There is a difference in behavior as the Navigate sidebar is made for just that, navigation. That’s also why it doesn’t show files.

Development would have to assess a different behavior.