Quickly navigating groups and tags?

I love the tagging feature. Whenever capturing an item I can just write tag names and the drop down menu shows what is already available making sure the item goes into the right place.
I am missing a similar feature for quickly jumping to groups/ tags when working with DT content. What I am looking for is a shortcut to a little search bar where I can enter group or tag names or part of it showing a drop down of existing groups/ tags and once a group is selected opening a new window with the content of this group/ tag.
Is this possible yet? Am I missing something here? How do you quickly navigate a complex group tree structure when working from and not capturing content?
Thanks, Thomas

That’s not possible yet but might be added to a future release.

In the meantime you could e.g. use the “Groups & Tags” panel (to drag & drop or to open a group by double-clicking on it) or shortcuts (e.g. typing the first letters) or simply do what I do: Have a group containing replicants of all currently important documents and use the search for everything else.

I hadn’t noticed the new Groups & Tags panel.

I use Replicants of important docs too but my favorite technique is one that comes from Merlin Mann re. Notational Velocity and iPhone notes (kungfugrippe.com/post/453204090/q-trick). Based on the assumption that English words don’t have multiple adjacent q’s, he suggests adding q’s to any document you might need to find fast. So I added “qqq” to the Spotlight Comments section in the info panel of documents and now searching on “qqq” brings up all my important docs in both DT and Spotlight.