Quicksilver and Mellel

Quicksilver: This has been asked before on this forum, but is there anyone who knows how to script here who can make some QS action scripts for DT? We only need two- one which adds a jotted note from QS’s text tool to the open database and one which launches a DT search from the QS text tool. Can anyone make this?

Mellel: Mellel is xml format now, which others have said. When can we expect to see them be indexed in DT?

Hi Dan:

QS… try this. Install the Service Menu Plug In. Invoke QS. Type “.” Type your text. Tab to the actions window. Type “DT” or “DTP” or “DEVON” or something similar.

Actions now available to you: take a plain note, take a rich note, lookup, summarize, etc.

Brilliant! I didn’t realize there was a services menu module, that’s great.

A question though- not all of my services for DT are available there. I can only take a plain note and not a rich note (I prefer my notes to be rich text in my DT). Any way around this?


Does anyone else have this problem? I am trying to use Quicksilver’s hotkeys to switch between my two most used DT databases. One of my databases (the minor one) shows up fine when I invoke Quicksilver/DT. But I can’t see the major one at all.

Sometimes I can’t resist teasing you guys who use time-saving keystrokes.

I use one of three reliable modes to change between databases:

[1] If recently used, File > Open Recent and choose the desired one;

[2] If not recently used, File > Open and navigate to the desired one; or

[3] In the Finder, double-click on the desired database.

As I’m usually thinking about what I’ll do in the new database, I hope I haven’t wasted time.

As I said, I hope I haven’t wasted time. Because, frankly, I just can’t remember reliably more than a few keyboard shortcuts without having to review a list of available shortcuts (which takes me longer than using one of the three listed modes above). :slight_smile:

I experimented with setting up keyboard shortcuts once. Between the time required to learn how to do it, the time to set up a shortcut, and the debugging time to clean up problems I figured it would take me a very long time of actual operations to begin realizing time savings. But that’s just me and my limited capacity to hold shortcuts in memory.

I’m not sure why you would need hotkeys to open databases anyway. Even simpler than Bill’s obvious suggestions is just bringing up the file in quicksilver. I have 3 databases, MyDatabase, ma theis, and church. Bring up quicksilver>type"m…y…d" and MyDatabase will be the top hit, then just hit enter.

why do you need a hotkey to open a database (or a mouse for that matter)?

That’s what I’ve been trying to do. My core problem is that Quicksilver doesnt’ find my one, master database in DT with a simple QS search. For reasons I can’t figure, it’s selective. Only finds my secondary ones. So if I use QS, invoked DT, I see five databases, but not my main one. I assume this is a Quicksilver problem, but wonder if others have encountered it.

I have a similar problem which is that QS doesn’t find the database until I use it the first time I logon. Then it remembers it until I turn the computer off and then it forgets again.

Maybe I don’t understand the way QS works but how can I fix this?