quicktime and diacritic search


I have been a happy user of devon think pro for about a year now
and I am wondering is there a way to extend the application
There are two things

  1. The first is their a way to have a timer on the quicktime player.
    This is to assist in transcribing lecture sound files directly in devon-think, where you can record the exact time something was spoken on a sound file.

  2. The second is to enhance the search facility to be able to search for diacritic texts
    I understand that this with is possible within the search window through “spelling option” but is there a was to define specifc options.

my goal here is for a user not to have to type in diacritics when search for a word and still get the diacritic words as results, without having to search through the correct spelling



Thank you for the suggestions! Using the Fuzzy option might be a workaround for the second issue although this might return more results than desired.