re-activate a deleted database

Between Mac OSX and iOS I synced a database “testdatabase” through a syncstore “testsyncstore01”. I had the option “download files: always” ticked.

Then I deactivated the sync of “testdatabase” on the iOS device and after deactivating it I even went ahead and deleted the “testdatabase”.

Now I tried to sync the “testdatabse” (which I only deleted on the iOS-device but which still resides on the MacOSX) through another “testsyncstore02”.

In trying to activate the sync of “testdatabase” (Settings --> SYNC/Locations --> Edit locations --> “testsyncstore02”).

But here for the “testdatabase” the shown status is: “Being deleted”. Thus, the switch is greyed out and not working.

My question is: How can one reactivate the syncing of a database (with the same name, on iOS) that had been deleted before on iOS?



while I was writing the post above, on iOS I kept the window (which one reaches through: Settings --> SYNC/Locations --> Edit locations --> “testsyncstore02”) open.

Guess what: After a certain while “Being deleted” was replaced by “remote” and the greyed out switch wasn’t greyed out anymore.

In other words I could start to sync the testdatabase again.

May some kind staff-guy could let us know whether this is the way it’s supposed to be.


Yes, it is how it’s supposed to be. When you delete a database, we remove its “presence” quickly, but it is being deleted by a background process. Remember, there is a lot going on under-the-hood and the bookkeeping must be accurate. That’s why it’s “Being deleted” until the process is done.

PS: Your situation is somewhat unusual as the expectation isn’t that someone would delete a database then quickly reimport it.