Re-archiving emails from Apple Mail


I want to re-archive my emails from Apple Mail so deleted the mail in the database by right clicking the email icon and moving to trash. When I try to re-archive it says ‘1388 previously imported’ … but these are the ones I want to re-import. They are not showing in the database via Emails>Apple Mail> , just the ones since the last import.
I am probably missing something really simple here so would appreciate some help. I Couldn’t see anything in documentation or in the forum so apologies if I have missed it.

Are the formerly imported emails still in the trash?

Yes :roll_eyes:… I’m presuming then that I have to empty the trash then?

Yes. The Trash is just another location in a database.
It’s also suggested you routinely empty the Trash.

Makes sense (now!) thanks for your help.

No problem.

My wife said something similar to me.

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Vacuum the living room after that. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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