Re-associate database to files???

I am sure this is posted here somewhere, but I could not find it searching.

I completely redid my MBP. I had backed up my documents and DTPro database to an external drive. I brought everything back over.

I use the import feature, so documents are still showing in DTP without problem, but sync is not working since the path and HD partitioning scheme is changed.

In other words, the path is now different then it was on the old partitioning format I used on the MBP, and I want to know if there is a way, short of deleteing and re-importing, to establish the path between the two again so I can synchronize???

There are some instances (though I can’t remember them all) where I used scripts to directly enter data to DTP, so some info in the database is unique and not in my documents folder sturucture.


Even if you think this can not be done, I would appreciate if you could let me know I can’t do this.

Any information at all would be appreciated.’:roll:’


You might have a look at the script Scripts > Path & URL > Update Paths:

  1. Create a backup of the complete database package as this cannot be undone!
  2. Open the database and select all contents & groups
  3. Choose Scripts > Path & URL > Update Paths…
  4. Enter the older primary path and…
  5. …the new primary path
  6. Be patient - it’s a script
  7. Check the results thoroughly

That may be a good solution for for piecemeal correction while still on a valid machine. But with a clean install, and old paths being virtually all unique, it is impossible to type in an old path any more. It no longer exists nor do I remember the individual paths anymore.

It possibly would work if I could type in the new path for all, and not have to type in old path. The documents are all (now) collected in one place under the new install as opposed to my older partitioning scheme.