Re: Direct Connection Using Bonjour-DTPO 2.9.4 to DTTG 2.0.3

Long, long time Mac & Devon User. After many hours I have been unable to make a simple sync connection using Bonjour. Need a direct connect from my iMac ElCapitan to my iPad Air & iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.5. Devon refers to this connect as being a “simple 3 steps”.

Can anyone provide a detailed step by step setup? I have 1 database. I want to sync the entire database to my iPad Air and iPhone 6—nothing more.

The tutor was created by Devon on 9/5/16. It is a very complex explanation for a bonjour direct connect, referred to previously by Devon as “simple” and “3 Steps”. It did not work for me.

I hope that Devon will post a tutor to: connect 1 iMac entire database to 1 iPhone 6 and 1 iPad Air using DTPO 2.9.4 and DTTG 2.0.3.

What exactly does not work?