Re-establishing dropbox sync


I disabled dropbox sync many months ago & now wish to re-establish the sync

When I disabled the link, I deleted the dropbox connection in the DTpro preferences.
Now, when I try to re-establish this link, I make the connection to Dropbox, but when I start the sync I get this warning:-

[b][i]Duplicate Database

The remote database seems to be a copy of a local database. Synchronizing will merge the remote and local changes and keep them in sync in the future (which is probably what you intended). If you do not want to merge them, for whatever reason, please cancel now and transfer the content to a new database.[/i][/b]

I am nervous to merge in case it causes a corruption, I would rather start with a fresh sync.

How do I create a fresh sync to dropbox?

Thanks for your help


  1. Open Preferences (Command-,) and click the Sync tab.
  2. Choose a database that is being Synced and the Location you want to clean.
  3. Click the Action button (with the gear icon) and choose “Clean Location…”
  4. You will be prompted that this will delete the remote data. Allow it to proceed. This is SUPPOSED TO happen as you need to Sync with fresh data.

This will delete the Sync data so you can start anew.

Thank you, much appreciated.

When I ran this, there was an issue:-

I have 2 databases both were synced to dropbox

I was able to “clean” one, but when I try to clean the 2nd database, I get the same warning as I described earlier.

any ideas? do I just ignore this warning?


You can do a manual clean.

  1. Select the problematic database in DEVONthink.

If the database is the Global Inbox, the folder will be named @inbox and you can skip steps 2 and 3. <<

  1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Appescript Editor
  2. Paste: tell application id “com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2” to get uuid of current database and press the “Run” button.
  3. Log into your Dropbox account online and find the folder named the same as the result of the script in Dropbox/Apps/DEVONthink/databases. Delete this folder.
  4. Next, still online, go into Dropbox/Apps/DEVONthink/transactions and delete the folders there.
  5. Attempt the Sync again.