(re)indexing dropbox folder / syncing

Hi folks, thanks for all the help getting me up and running. So I have devonthink pro office installed on two machines. My databases are not stored in dropbox. I have syncing setup to sync databases between the two machines.

On machine A I index a dropbox folder. I think sync all the databases. I close devonthink on machine A. On machine B I open devonthink and sync all the databases - all is fine!

Now suppose I add a file to the indexed dropbox folder (on either machine - because the dropbox folders get synced via dropbox…)

  1. do I have to explicitly update indexed items to see the new file inside devonthink?
  2. If I update the indexed items and sync - the updated item should appear in both instances of devonthink - right?
  1. Yes, you need to update the indexed group in your database. this can be done by selecting/opening the group.

  2. Yes, the files should show up in the database on both machines.