(Re)Post of helpful hints on syncing issues

These troubleshooting suggestions have been posted before, but it would appear useful to repost them for people new to DTTG. If you are having trouble syncing between your desktop DT product and your iOS device, please try these steps:

Make sure that your Mac firewall has an exception set for your DT desktop product (in System Preferences, go to the Security icon, select the Firewall tab, click ‘Advanced’, and add your DT desktop product to the list of “allowed” applications). If that fails, then try creating a “private network,” go to the Airport icon in the menu bar (or in System Preferences, Network) and choose “Create Network…”. This allows you to create a network just using the WiFi on your Mac. Create a network and see if you can sync your device over this ‘private’ network. If this works, it means that your WiFi router is either dropping a fair number of packets when communicating between your device and the Mac or the WiFi router is blocking our protocol. It should be noted that we use our own protocol for communicating between the desktop product and your iOS device. While more secure, it is also somewhat less robust than higher-level protocols like HTTP when it comes to dealing with dropped packets. And while known protocols like HTTP or FTP are “understood” by WiFi routers, if security features are set to ‘high’ on some routers, they may see our protocol as being suspicious and block it. In any event, please try the above steps and let us know if they have any effect. If the “Create network” approach works, then you might need to look at your WiFi router’s settings to see if there is something blocking our traffic. In any event, let us know what you find after trying one or both of these approaches.