Read OmniOutline files?

It would be GREAT if DTse could read OmniOutline files. I keep a lot of stuff in them, and although I could technically export them all just for DTse to use, that’s an extra step (and version control nightmare) that ideally shouldn’t be necessary.

While I’m at it, being able to display OmniGraffle files would also be cool (but likely much harder to implement…)

There was similar request on another thread; see … 2;start=20 for my response.

Also, if you’re a DEVONagent user (and if you’re not, you should be  :P) you can search this site for “OPML” and “outline” or similar.

OPML would be a start, but exporting all of my OO files as OPML for DT to read doesn’t sound like fun :wink: - and then there’s the issue of keeping DT’s OPML files up to date with my “live” OO files…

I too would really like OPML import . . . but really the problem here is that DT doesn’t synchronize with folders in the Finder. This has actually been discussed before in the forums.

Exporting from OmniOutliner to OPML wouldn’t be such a big deal, if we didn’t then have to re-import the file into DT. What would be much better is if I could export the OPML to a big huge slush pile of files in a folder, and then organize them in DT. When I change my outline in OO, then export to OPML, DT would just re-scan the folder and update the file, while keeping the info about where it’s placed in the DT hierarchy.

Right now, even if DT could read OmniOutliner files, you would still have to reimport the outline into DT every time you changed it. DT would have no way of knowing that the file had changed.

I know that synchronization and wiki linking (the two features I see as most important) were supposed to come in 1.8, but didn’t really arrive–wiki linking isn’t yet automatic. Let’s hope for v1.8.1. for wiki linking and synchronization! :astonished:

OPMPL support and synchronizing will be part of v1.9 (the current v1.8.x builds are not the initially announced 1.8 releases but we’ve only changed numbering, nothing else).

And automatic Wiki-links will be probably added to v1.8.2 (and that’s the reason we call it “Wiki-style” currently :slight_smile:)

Since DT stores the original file, would it not be possible to allow present the file to the associated application for editing?

Then you would just let the file live in DT and edit it there.

If the file format was understood then it would be possible to display it with Wiki style behaviour too which would solve one of the main shortcomings of OO for me.

In some sense I want to use OmniOutlner as a meta data editor, using the outline to to define a folder structure with descriptions, definitions and other lightweight data and have scope to add supporting documents into the tree. I suppose I really want to be able to use the comment section as a DT Group and add the VoodooPad Wiki style things to record links between different bits of sructure.

If you are creating configurable meta data, Omni Outliner mght eb a good model for the data interface with columns as fields and the comments section as a file or group actual data.

Omni Outliner has a fantastic interface for swiftly getting down some disparate thoughts and organising them but it runs out of steam when it comes to actually doing something about them.

If I had DT’s functionality for managing associated data and a combination of  DT’s search and statistical techinques and VoodooPad’s simple wickying to help me actually do the work, I would be very happy indeed.

For example, if I had to put together a support manual. I would like to be able to lay out the structure using something like Omni Outliner. Gather the relevant data, user queries, documentation, illustrations, design notes in the relevant locations. Write documents that reflect that information and make relevant cross references and then be able to export the document in various formats, possibly according to standard templates. At the moment Outliner does a great job of the first bit then runs out of steam. DT on the other hand is great for storing and retrieving the data but is more clunky on the data input/output side.

For this reason I don’t it’s really the text editing aspect of outlining that I would really miss. I actually find Word’s outlining rather flaky as it is tring to do too many things, organise fomatting in particular. OmniOutliner on the other hand, in its limited domain, approaches perfection.

On neat feature would be if attachments to rtfs were indexed where the file format is supported.

Please don’t get me wrong, I like DT a lot and am using it heavily but it is now tantalisingly close to being even better (for my purposes)

Possibly there are two apparently similar but different concepts here. What I want would be a Wiki-enabled meta data comment editor with easy keyboard group creation and intuitive single key navigation. Can you do a deal with Omni?  

The current builds are already able to export OPML and OPML import will come soon - one step after another  :D


O, I cannot wait for it. This would be close the perfect working environment!