Read only access for some clients

Dear all,

I would like to grant some family members read only access to my database. Is there a way in DTTG that clients can only view or download documents but are not authorised to delete or upload files?

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Since DT has no concept of “users” or “clients”, I don’t think so. You could try to set up a smart rule for uploads (that has been discussed elsewhere in the forum recently). And deletions go to the trash anyway where you could recover them, it need be.
Interestingly, you do not seem to mind modifications of documents?

I’d really like something like that too - I haven’t found any particularly workable solution. File deletions worry me too - I don’t examine the contents of the trash before emptying it (not in RL nor in DT), so the only protection is that locked files require a second step. I had played with a script which copies certain content to a separate database, which is then shared. As the copy only goes one way, there is no risk of modification or loss; however, things become pretty complicated when the process needs to delete files which are no longer available in the original database - so basically you’d have to script your own sync. That is doable, but it’s complex and not without risk. If I do ever decide to follow through with it, I’ll post my results.

Like others I know of no effective way for files inside of DEVONthink. I solve the issue for doing that with family members is to store the files in Dropbox which does have access controls and then I have them Indexed in DEVONthink. Done this for years.


Thanks for that suggestion.

Thanks for the work around, rmschne. Maybe an implemented solution will be part of DTPO 4…


That would only be possible if DT had any kind of user management. Which in turn would only be necessary if it were a multi-user application. Which again would probably require a lot of changes… I would not bet on this to happen any time soon or at all.

I was the one who went to the trouble of scanning all the paper documents and entering them into DTPO for months. That is why I will insist on my full access as administrator of the database and manage the assignment of rights very restrictively. Which documents do you think my dear wife will want to upload? Most of them will be invoices for handbags and shoes anyway - I can track their debits via our account anyway :wink:

I’m not sure I understand why you’re telling me that. I understood your request already. All I’m saying is that I do not believe that DT will become a multi-user product any time soon (or at all). Regardless of who went to what trouble with scanning and who’s buying the handbags :wink:

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I wouldn’t think this would ever be part of DEVONthink. DEVONthink is not a multi-user system, nor should it be. It’s also not a “work-around”. It’s a “way that works”. I hope that useful to you or others.

You can do this, or very close to it, in the Server edition (which makes the DT database accessible via a web browser). There are user controls built in to it.

But - that’s an expensive upgrade and may not be good value for you

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It sounds good. Will check if it is worth an upgrade. Many thanks.