A mate of mine was investigating reference managers recently and came across ReadCube. Has anyone here made good use of this? Seems quite powerful.

I’ve been using Sente for a few years and quite like it, but its development process seems to have slowed recently. I wonder if DT would ever consider an acquisition? A Sente/DTPO morph would be quite the powerful tool, indeed.

We’re definitely not interested in the reference manager market (anymore).

Fair enough, Christian. Sticking with your core competencies always a good idea!

My friend and I were talking about this recently. We reckoned the reference app market is just too small and thus potentially pricey to support.

I tested ReadCube. I have Papers instead. ReadCube’s focus seems to be in the medical fields. Papers better fits my needs for citations in science + engineering. The two companies merged recently. Reading between the lines on the Papers forum, I infer their next major release (in a year) will be one app that combines both.

The overlap between DevonThink and a citation manager app is in the search of the database. Beyond this, the approaches (i.e. feature sets) diverge.