Reading and editing notes inDTTG 3.6.2 freezes after sync

Since DTTG 3.6.2, editing or just opening a (Markdown) note let’s DTTG freeze for a minute or longer directly after a fresh sync (Bonjour) with macOS. Even entering a folder and viewing its content becomes laggy or also freezes (and file and folder icons don’t show up; a placeholder is shown instead). When the freeze occurs, you have to wait a long time until everything „stabilizes“ again. If you leave the app during a freeze, the app crashes and has to be restarted. It seems, that after a sync, some background database operations are going on, which causes the app to become unresponsive regarding what I mentioned above.

I already performed a database check on both DTTG and DTP, which didn’t solve the issue.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

Sorry, not seeing it here with DEVONthink ToGo 3.6.2, iOS 15.7.2, macOS 13.1, and DEVONthink 3.8.7

The only thing that comes to mind right now is available space on the iOS device. Is there sufficient space? How much is needed, I don’t know. I currently have 91.2 of 128 GB used. DEVONthink using 1.93 GB of that.

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I have an iPhone 13 pro with iOS 16.2 and I have ->700 GB free space left :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

Looks like the iOS version the biggest difference. What that means, dunno?!

And the huge amount of space on the iPhone! (I’m keeping my old iPhone till someday…)

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What’s in the Markdown document and how large is it?

I also thought it would depend on the content of the note as I first experienced the issue with Markdown files containing some LaTeX/Mathjax. But it doesn’t actually matter what’s in the note or how large it is: the freezing occurs for notes containing images, lists, LaTeX or just some few plain text lines. And yesterday I noticed, that also non-text/Markdown files are affected such as images. Even just opening a folder or the folder/file info pane freezes.

The freezing does not occur anymore after some time after the last sync. As an indicator: When the folder and file icons/thumbs correctly show up again (i.e. instead of the placeholder icon) I know, that everything works fine again.

Here is what I mean with “folder and file icons/thumbs”: On left/top, the folder icons are just a placeholder (the screenshot is right after a fresh sync), and on the right/bottom, after the database has “stabilized”, the icons show up correctly again (and all files and folders don’t freeze anymore):

[SOLVED] Meanwhile I reinstalled DTTG and re-synchronized my database: The lagging behavior disappeared completely :pray: Seems like my DB on my phone needed some kind of defragmentation or so I guess :sweat_smile: