Reading and Searching RSS in DT Pro

I am checking out the Public Beta of DT Pro and sense that its wonderful, though I am in my first 30 minutes.

A great thing is that DT Pro is reading RSS. But I am now wondering what it is actually doing with. Does DT only display the RSS-File? As I understand it does not index it, I does not find included text in searches and can’t look for related items via “See also”. Is that right? But WHY is that? Can’t I make it index every feed I subscribe to?

Would be great to have my favorite blogs and news channels in my DT Database.

No. As Christian once commented, it would take a lot of CPU, RAM and storage space to index the Web. :slight_smile:

DT Pro doesn’t read the text of Web pages until content is captured, either a selection, HTML source, or a web archive.

:slight_smile: Well, I dont wanna grab the whole web, just my 10 favorite feeds. Shouldn’t that be possible? Maybe as an AppleScript?

In fact, I read in a review that via “triggerd scripts (?)” DT Pro would “automatically connect to an RSS feed, download all new items and store them as text files.” That’s exactly what I mean. But how do I do that? Write the script myself?

In any case, I do not really see why simply displying RSS Feeds is of any use dor DT users (except for staying the whole day in DT). Specialized apps like NetNewsWire are doing a wonderful (and much better) job for that.

Sorry, I misunderstood your initial post. (We have had requests for DT to index every page viewed, including following links.)

DT Pro is very scriptable. In the app’s script menu, you will see a submenu, Feeds, which contains several scripts. Two of them let you enter the URL of a feed source, with the choice of capturing the HTML (which is indexed, by the way) or just the URLs. Note that when you are viewing a captured feed that you can mark items as read by clicking on them. For items that are summarized (HTML mode) there’s a clickable link to the full article, which can very quickly be captured as a note, HTML source or web archive.

These scripts are easy to copy and modify as you wish (you can ‘hardwire’ scripts for each of your favorite RSS feeds), and they can be added to the scripts menu. Take a look at the Tutorial database for a bit more information.

Wow, that’s awesome. Thought I’d try that before to search/find the content of a posting fetched via the Feed Script. Probably, I used the Link-Script. Now it works.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Great. Thanks. Wonderful application, I love it :slight_smile:

Now I have to check to synch-Script. Is it somehow possible to give it a schedule (like: synch on startup and every hour)? The Script source looks like it already does that, but until now I can’t see effects of that. I suspect this is about his “triggering”, right? (Which I don’t get, I have no -almost - idea about scripting).