Reading linked RSS pages

I’ve tried to get the two RSS reading scripts in the Feeds submenu to work properly for what I’m trying to do to no avail, so I’m hoping there is another way to skin this cat.

I’m trying to automatically download the linked web pages from an RSS feed (the feed itself is excerpts only, and I want the full reports in my database). Is there any convenient way to do this besides writing my own scripts?


You might have a look at the “Convert to Webarchive script” (see

Just copy this script to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro, then launch DEVONthink Pro, select some already archived feed items and choose the script finally.

Unfortunately, this doesn’'t work. It copies the excerpt into the web archive, rather than the linked document.

Just delete the existing items, then use the Scripts > Feeds > New Feed (Linked Pages)… script.