Reading List broken in DTTG after update to 3.2.1

Hello there!

Thanks for all the great updates if DT and now DTTG with V 3.2.1. Great to see so much improvement in both apps!

I have to report a bug in DTTG 3.2.1. After updating today (iOS 15.01) all items on the reading list are now displayed as “album title”. The correct titles and icons are not shown.

If I touch one of the “placeholders”, the correct documents of the reading list are opened.

Could you please fix this?

I can confirm that behaviour on both an iPhone and iPad on i*OS 15.0.2 (although it’s item title rather than album title)

same here with same versions as “item title”.

damn typo… of course you are right. It is item title and not album title.

Not to worry - I thought it might be an autocorrect mishap actually :see_no_evil: just being pedantic to avoid confusion, anyway. Or just being pedantic because that is who I am. I’m not sure :thinking:


Thanks for the report!
I have filed an issue on this.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Fixed for version 3.2.2 and uploading to the App Store soon.


And “soon” means it’s now available :slight_smile: