Reading List count correct, but no items showing up

I am facing the same problem. My reading list is empty. This happens just after update to 3.6. While waiting for the developer to fix this, is there any way that I can revert back to 3.5.7?

The reading list is not gone, it just doesn’t show any items unless there’s a focus set that includes the databases in question. Reverting back is, unfortunately, nothing the App Store supports but a 3.6.1 is soon on its way.

Thanks. If I did what @chrillek did above (I instead chose the database that my reading list is in), I can see all the items in the reading list. Interestingly, if I turn off the focus, the reading list remains. So, this might be my workaround till 3.6.1 comes.

I notice that we call Reading List smart group. In fact, during the focus filter in iOS, it is one of the smart group to select. However, in the DT, I cannot create a smart group/rule for reading list. I want to flag all the item in the reading list as a workaround till 3.6.1. As only Flagged and Reading List smart group are synced between DT and DTTG. Could you please advice how can I select items in Reading List to be use in smart group/rule?

On the Mac, the Reading List is a separate thing, in DEVONthink To Go we show it as part of the smart groups but technically it’s also the very same separate entity as on the Mac. It just appears like a global smart group so that it has a good place in the user interface.