Reading List Has Disappeared

The Reading List sync is a really nice feature recently added to DT3. Except when it deletes everything on the list.

I had about 10 items on my reading list. I have 3 computers synced via Devonthink. Today I upgraded the third of those computers (only used infrequently) to DT6. A short while later I realized my Readling List had no entries. When I got home I noticed the Reading List blank on my 2 main computers as well.

A bug presumably? Anything I might have done to cause this?

Are these entries really gone (deleted) or were they just, maybe accidentally, marked as read?

Both the “All” and “Unread” columns are empty - so they are really gone.

(The items are still in the database of course, but they are no longer on the Reading List as a reminder for me.)

Then it must be a sync problem. I’ll alert Christian and he will look after this issue when he’s back from his short summer vacation next week.

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FWIW I’ve had exactly the same problem.

The next release will fix this.

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